Install New Windows

11 August 2021 Amara Kashif
Install New Windows

New windows

It’s time to install new windows in your house, apartment, or office now, that are more efficient for temperature control, soundproof, reduce energy cost and are mold-free. You can choose any among the following windows according to the suitability of your place.

Types of Windows

Casement Windows

The casement window is attached to its frame from one edge with one or more hinges. Within a frame, they are in a single or double panel. When opened, these windows provide full ventilation and an unobstructed view as well. These are more energy-efficient, easy to wash, and have excellent quality.

Top Guided Windows

Top guided windows are practical and modern classics. These windows are with sliding brackets on the sides. When you open the window at the base, the window slides downwards, giving viable ventilation. These are installed in low-rise and multi-storey buildings.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are non-operational standard windows. These picture windows don’t have a handle and hinges. These windows are often installed in homes with high ceilings and arched windows.

Cottage Windows

Cottage windows open outwards with hinges or with vertically sliding panes. These windows have a series of bars that show glass in several small squares instead of one big glass pane. These windows are best suitable for traditional cottages.

Combination Windows

It is a set of windows placed along with each other to give a bold look. These are best for your living room, dining room, and master bedroom.

Georgian Windows

These are the traditional large windows with six or more small glass panes adjusted horizontally or vertically with wooden bars.

Opening Floor to Ceiling Windows

These are oversized, opening floor to the ceiling windows and are in high demand in the modern era. These opening windows provide energy-saving alternatives and an open medium between you and the outer environment.

Fixed Floor to Ceiling Windows

These fixed single high-quality large glass pane windows provide a magnificent outer view. Glass used in these windows is four times stronger than regular window glass.


In short, the installation of these new windows will not only control the temperature and save energy but also will add a perfect look to your required place.


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