Understand Types of Links in Denmark for Business

Understand Types of Links in Denmark for Business

August 8, 2021   |   by Oreoluwa Lawal

Link building is a proven SEO strategy to get quality traffic and increase visibility. The higher the number of quality back links in a site, the higher the chance to get on the first page of Google. How can you beat that? Here’s a list of different link building to consider.

Editorial links

Good content will automatically attract an editorial link that requires no payment. You don’t have to request editorial links. It comes naturally as long as you have valuable content. But a warning: make sure to review editorial links consistently to get ready for spammy links that could harm your site.

Directory links

Sometimes, directory links are paid for. However, there are several free directories where you can submit your links. Directory links are usually categorized, so it’s necessary to figure out relevant directories within your industry.

Comments link

Although, Google does not place so much value on comment links. It is yet another way to get links in Denmark. The trick is to join a trend or a discussion, contribute greatly and link back to your website. But before that, be sure the forum allows a do-follow back link before using the strategy.

Guest posts links

Most bloggers leverage guest posts to generate back links. It is a common SEO strategy to get organic traffic. The same rule for getting a comment link applies here. The website you are guest blogging for must enable a do-follow back link for it to be valuable.

Acquired links

When you pay for back links to your website, it’s called an acquired link. Examples of such acquired links Include Paid guest posting, paid directory links, and paid comments links. Links advertisement is another popular example of acquired links.

Regardless of the type of links you choose for your link building strategy, consistency is the key.